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Our Name: And Culture

We are passionate about fairness, climate change, inclusivity, ending poverty, maternal mortality, democracy, free speech, the power of technology, entrepreneurship, protecting rainforests, education for all and many other things. Not necessarily in that order either.

We believe that by being rooted in purpose and helping individuals and organisations align with their core purpose, we will help them engage in a more meaningful way with their internal and external stakeholders.

Research shows that purpose is adaptive and it helps individuals and teams galvanise and thrive.

Our goal is to create a sustainable successful business bringing value to those who work with us and our clients – rooted in communities.

For us, Purpose is not just a verb, but a roadmap for how we live our values

Our Values


We are continuously learning and are unafraid of change. We take responsibility for our performance and look for new ways to do better.


Ideas and values – driven creativity are at the heart of everything we do. We view creativity from an inclusive lens.


The drive to do good, be ethical, work towards a bigger purpose that benefits those who work with us and beyond, and live our values.


We respect and value diversity of race, disability, colour, age, sexuality, experience and thought. We believe in and will work towards a fairer and more inclusive world every single day.


We review all our actions through the ethical lens, abide by industry codes of conduct and have the highest level of compliance on data privacy.

This is what we want to be:

A values driven integrated start up

Who place the message and the channel at the heart of all communications

We put our clients, employees, partners and communities at the centre of our universe

And we place values at the heart of the centre

The Elephant in the Room Podcast

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The purpose of The Elephant in the Room Podcast is to amplify the voices of diverse people on a range of topics including systemic and institutionalised racism, discrimination based on further eight protected characteristics, climate change, socio/economic background, mental health, anything that is a taboo and deserves to be mainstream (including culture).

Work With Us:

Having a biscuit for breakfast is not everyone’s cup of tea.
But, if you like the look of our values,
the thought of working alfresco,
and sipping water by the poolside while working on your laptop,

we would love to hear more …

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